United Feather & Down is a family owned and operated business with eight generations of experience in the collecting and processing of the finest natural down and feather materials. Founded in Europe more than 200 years ago, our mission then and now has always been to produce the most coveted down and down alternative bedding products. With a legacy that spans two centuries, our industry expertise, devoted customer service and premium quality products deliver outstanding comfort and warmth for a superior sleep experience. Built upon trusted relationships at every level of the process, we maintain long-standing partnerships with our suppliers and ensure that they meet or exceed our historical standards of delivering the finest raw materials at every grade level.

We always stay true to our core values: integrity, quality, service, and consistency. Duck or Goose – no matter the fill power – is held to high standards of processing: to produce clean, odor free, and dust free down that maximizes its natural elements. The quality and sustainable difference of the product resides in staying as close to what nature made as possible. The following are just a few examples of the many types of down we offer – maintaining the UF&D philosophy of quality at every level.

  • USA White Duck Down
  • French Grey and White Duck Down
  • The UF&D Silk Road Collection of China
  • Polish White Goose Down

United Feather & Down is committed to providing not only the highest quality down but also the finest down alternatives available. Our luxurious bedding products (Pillows | Comforters | Blankets) offer a soft, supportive and exceptional sleep experience. Each United Feather & Down product is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and is made to adhere to our strict specifications and quality standards.

We at United Feather & Down hope you enjoy your bedding products and we wish you a good nights sleep!


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