When it comes to getting good, restful sleep at night, it turns out that some of the most important things we can do are before we even lay our heads on the pillow. Known as sleep hygiene, this practice is something that we could all benefit from. Here are eight simple sleep hygiene practices we can use to improve our sleep:

1. Don’t Watch the Clock. Especially if you’re having trouble sleeping, checking the time not only adds stress but keeps your mind active and prevents it from lulling off to sleep. Turn your clock away from where you lay your head at night to remove any temptation.

2. Go to sleep when you’re actually feeling tired. Studies show that lying down and trying to make yourself fall asleep can in reality, frustrate us into staying awake. Instead of forcing yourself to sleep, if you can’t seem to drift off, get up and do something relaxing until you are tired.

3. Use natural light to help you catch better Z’s. Try to get more sunlight during the day to have more natural and deep sleep at night. Maybe have your lunch outside.

4. Get rid of lingering thoughts. Try writing any nagging thoughts down before you lay down so you don’t have to worry about them now. That will let you take care of them when you’re awake and rested tomorrow.

5. Avoid the ups and downs. Caffeine may jump start our mornings but have that Java too late and you’re not helping anyone. Avoid caffeinated drinks for at least 4 to 6 hours before bedtime.

6. Get relaxed. In the wee hours before bed, start a relaxing habit. Take a warm shower to get yourself physically more relaxed. Try short meditation and some gentle stretching (but nothing too active). The key is to wind your body down for the night. You can also try more comfortable bedding such as a soft and fluffy down blanket (try our Classic Ultra Light Down Blanket).

7. Keep a consistent sleep time. We’re creatures of habit and that goes for sleep too. Getting to bed at the same time every night primes us to drift off more easily as our brains are used to it already.

8. Don’t hang out in the bedroom. If you’re going to binge watch a show, do it in the living room. The less we associate the bed with being awake and attentive, the more our brains will attach lying down with drifting off to sleep.

With these eight simple sleep hygiene habits, hacking our sleep has never been easier. Follow through with these and you’ll find yourself easily drifting off to la la land.

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