When looking at down products such as bedding, there are a few different ratings you’ll most likely see, which may be a bit confusing. Each have different orders of importance depending on what you’re looking for. In this article we’ll go over each rating, type of fill and what properties you want in different parts of your bedding. We’ll discuss fill power, loft, fill weight and the differences in properties for feather, down and a combination of the two.

First up is the term Fill Power. This number on your pillow or comforter is really a measurement of loft or how much one ounce of the fill will naturally fluff up to. This makes a large difference with comforters, because the best insulator and keeper of warmth we have is air. More specifically, lots of little air pockets. So, if you are talking about 600 fill power, one ounce of it will puff up to 600 cubic inches, automatically trapping air (insulation) in millions of little areas. Compared to 800 fill power, one ounce of which will loft up to the size of about 3 ½, 1 gallon jugs. Since they are the same weight, the rest of that area is full of the insulating power of air. You see why this is important in comforters if you happen to live in a colder area and need to keep in more heat.

How does this effect pillows? To understand this, we’ll have to add 3 things together: fill power, fill weight and fill type. While the 800 fill power down will be a bit fluffier when your head finally hits the pillow to count z’s, you still should consider fill weight. If you have a lighter fill weight even with a higher fill power in the same size pillow, it will mean that there’s just less filling in the pillow. When it compresses, your head will still be feeling your mattress. So, while fluffiness is important in a pillow, we also need to focus on support. Something to comfortably support our weight and still retain its shape. This is where feathers can help. While down is more insulating, feather has more structure and is better for supporting weight. Still great at insulating, what feather fill brings is support. What does this mean and how do you choose between the two? Well, as it turns out, you don’t. A secret of many luxury hotels is that, to maximize the comfort, they combine the two of these, resulting in the best of both worlds. So why not get that luxury experience at home and try our Hotel Chamber White Goose Down Pillow? The combination of the two fills offer the support of a feather pillow with the fluffy insulating goodness of a down one. This could be a way to save bed space rather than stacking pillows if bed real estate is an issue.

So, what does down do for comforters? Down comforters are light, easy to compress, long lasting and breathable yet bounce right back when fluffed. In terms of down comforters, the higher the fill power, the higher the comforter will puff up and loft. Quality of down comes in all warmth levels so it should not be confused with being dependent on the thickness of  the comforter. Down is such a powerful insulator that it won’t take much of it to warm you. The luxury experience of down comforters comes from the fluffiness, softness and quality of the comforter.

So now that we have clarified the types of fill, their strengths, the terms, and options, you can safely make an educated choice when deciding what goes in your bedroom, and will be able to maximize the perfect night’s rest for your specific tastes. Until next time, have a good night.

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