Beep beep beep beep! Your alarm goes off, time to wake up and start the day. For some of you, this is a simple, pleasant experience and you wake up chipper and ready to face the day. For many others, this is much more of a struggle. But we’re not helpless to waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Here are some effective ways you can help make sure you’re getting up on the right side.

First let’s take a look at that alarm. If you’re one of those who, in the early hours, find yourself spanning the snooze button, that might be the first thing to change. While it seems like the snooze button buys you a couple extra minutes, it’s actually short circuiting your body’s waking up procedure, which is to begin turning up your body temp a couple of hours before you wake up. When you let your body go back to sleep, only to have the alarm go off again minutes later, you confuse that process. This causes something called sleep inertia, which is that out of it feeling you get when you’re not fully waking up right. This effect compounds itself each time you hit the snooze button. Instead, try gradual wake up alarms that help ease you out of sleep and allow you time to wake up properly. Alternatively, there are some smart alarms which gradually introduce sunlight spectrum light into the room. This will make waking up much easier in the morning.

Speaking of light, another thing to get you to be the proverbial early bird is sunlight. When you wake up one of the first things you’ll want to do is open up those blinds and let the sunshine in. Our bodies have evolved to go along with the sunrise. There are light receptors in our eyes that have nothing to do with vision and instead, use the sun as a cue to wake up our body and mind, getting us up aware and refreshed.

Something else refreshing is a nice cool glass of water. Especially right after you wake up. Not only are we dehydrated from 8 hours of sleep, but as it turns out, a glass of water as soon as we get up jump starts our body’s systems even more than that morning cup of joe. This will quickly get you into an easy waking state, flush your body of toxins and enhance your metabolism for the day.

Another thing in the morning for getting our systems up and running is, well, running. Or at least some form of cardio. Set aside a little time in your morning routine to fit in some cardio exercise. There are tons of free resources on YouTube or fitness sites. Find one that fits your level of comfort and make that your new habit. Not only is it easier in the morning once you get used to it, but it also increases your level of focus and decreases stress hormones, making you more productive, chipper and clear headed for the rest of the day.

Clear-headedness is something many struggle with in the morning. Something that helps us think clearer in the morning is happiness. More specifically the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, as well as endorphins. Not only do these tips add to those but, starting off our day with happy thoughts has effects that last throughout the day. While you eat breakfast or work out in the morning, try an uplifting playlist. Take a minute to just smile. This will automatically release endorphins to the rest of your body. You could even keep a journal and write down things you’re thankful for in your life. This will train your brain to start thinking better thoughts when you’re getting your day started.

Starting our day doesn’t have to be a burden. If you follow these five simple tips, pretty soon you’ll forget about the silly snooze and instead, you may even start calling yourself a morning person. So, try these out and good morning and rise and SMILE!

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