Sorry back sleepers, oh and front sleepers too. It has been clinically proven that sleeping on your side is the healthiest way to sleep and least likely to have health problems as a ‘side’ effect. However, this does leave the question for side sleepers of how to keep your sleeping posture aligned. The problem with posture alignment is that smaller pillows leave your head tilted toward the bed. On the other hand, stacking pillows, cranks your head and spine in the opposite direction. The solution to this side sleeper problem is the specially designed gusseted pillow. While it may sound strange, a gusseted pillow is simply one with side walls that allow it to contain more fill and thus be more supportive for the sleeper. Gusset pillows are the right height to support your head correctly if you happen to be a side sleeper.

The gussets, or walls, separate both parts that are usually connected in your pillow, raising it to head level. This makes it more suited than even a contoured pillow for side sleepers as it gives uniform support throughout, rather than leaving the top of your head dangling.

Also, we can consider the issue of your hips. Side sleepers, without support have their legs stacked on top of each other. This over extends the greater trochanter of the femur, which pulls your hips out of alignment. Side sleepers can experience hip pains due to not having adequate support. To make up for this, you should be sleeping with a regular pillow between your knees. This will take the lower back pressure off and keep your spine in alignment through the night.

As you can see, even the healthiest sleep positions can use a little support. So be sure to try out a gusseted pillow and start sleeping comfortably.

Our Classic Gusset Down Pillow and our Classic Down Alternative Gusset Pillow are both fantastic options for side sleepers.

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