Let’s talk about where you sleep. I mean, let’s talk about what you wear, where you sleep (that’s better). PJs, onesies, boxers, briefs, sweats or that raggedy old t-shirt you should have thrown away back in college. People wear all sorts of things when they’re about to jaunt off to La-La Land.  What we wear significantly effects how we sleep, be it positively or negatively. In this article we’ll discuss the benefits of our bed time attire. By the end you may decide to change your usual up a bit.

When you’re choosing what to don before you conk out at night, first figure out how it feels. Different fabrics have different properties, elasticity and textures and everyone has a different preference as to what they like. Some say silk is superior. Silk is a superhero-like thermoregulator in that, when you’re hot it will keep you cool and when you’re cold it’ll keep you warm. This comes at a higher price point and is also a more delicate fabric and so requires dry cleaning. On the con side, on dry nights it tends to collect and react to static buildup. Also, it’s silky slippery sensation isn’t for everyone. For some it feels too light and slippery to get comfy.

Cotton is a nice all natural, lightweight fabric that’s breathable and stretchy. This is what makes it one of the go to fabrics for bedding and sleepwear. It doesn’t irritate your skin and allows for good air circulation. On the flip side of this great cottony coin is that it’s not the best insulator on its own and if you’re a cold sleeper, or in a colder environment, you may want to layer it or pair it with another cloth to make up for that. This being said, as a base layer for bedding and sleepwear, cotton works wonderfully with other fabrics.

For a bit more insulation than cotton, some turn to flannel. Pajamas, or pyjamas depending on where you live, made of this fabric are great for the fall and winter time and they are comfortable and keep you very warm, yet won’t have you waking up covered in sweat.

Bamboo is a newer material being used to make fabrics. It uses the fibers from the bamboo plant to create a soft, pleasant feeling fabric that wicks moisture from your skin, great for those who sweat a lot in their sleep. It’s also biodegradable, if being green is a big factor for you. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic for those with allergies.

Finally, there’s just sleeping in the buff. For this you’re going to need to make up for warmth with your bedding, unless you sleep hot. This has been shown to have many benefits. For one, no restrictive clothing or elastics. it also allows better circulation all around while you sleep which is much healthier. Also, this gives your skin a chance to breath and stops unwanted bacteria that normally forms when we are always wearing clothes. It’s cooler at night and makes for less laundry. For those of you who are colder sleepers, you may want to put on some socks because a lot of our body heat escapes through our feet.

Out of the many choices of what to wear to bed, now you know the ins and outs of nightwear, or nightbare, depending. So, you might want to try some different options or none. Either way, now you know the benefits of whatever you choose.

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