How do you sleep well when you’re camping? Summer is here and the wild is calling. Time to break out the tent and venture out into the great outdoors. For some, out away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic, staring up at the stars, listening to the sounds of a wilderness campfire, are enough for a perfect night’s sleep. Others think of sleeping in a tent on the cold cold ground as a special kind of torture. Whether you’re the former, the latter or fall somewhere in between, here are some simple tips to help your nights in the wild be as pleasant as possible.

Before setting up your tent, pause and look around for the best camp site. Is the ground even? You might not notice a slight incline right now, but once you have to sleep on that incline for hours on end, a little feels like a lot. Try to pick a spot on a nice even looking area of ground. Next, go over your tent area and clear out any debris like rocks and sticks. Even the smallest of rocks under your tent can have you tossing and turning all night. Once you’ve picked a good spot and have fully cleared it, you’ll want to put a layer of insulation between your tent and the ground. If you’ve ever frozen your butt off while camping, even though the night was warm, chances are the weather wasn’t your problem. Without a strong insulating layer, such as, a pad, mylar blanket, or even layers of dry leaves, the ground will sap large amounts of heat from your body constantly through the night. So, a sleeping bag on the inside and natural insulation beneath the tent will help keep the warmth in and make for a much cozier night.

Now that your tent is set up and you’re protected from the bare earth, it’s time to add bedding. This is your sleeping bag, down blanket (Heirloom White Goose Down Blanket), pillow and possibly bag liner, etc. When it comes to having a cozy camping night, the best choice out there for your outdoor bedding is down. Either a down sleeping bag or blanket if you’re going the air mattress route. Not only are down products light and compactible but is also they are the warmest and best for body heat. Now that you have a comfortable sleeping zone setup, one last thing to make sure of is that you take care of the fire before you get a good, safe night’s sleep in the wilderness. After this, you should be prepared for a woodsy night counting sheep, or rather, counting crickets.

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