It’s Summertime and with that comes the excitement of family trips and travel. Unfortunately, today’s many travel accommodations such as Airbnb’s and hotels, with their new settings and unfamiliar beds, can leave us with inadequate sleep. The last thing you and your family want while traveling are those sluggish days due to poor sleep. We all know how important sleep is, no matter the location, which is why we put together a few solutions for sleeping situations that are less than ideal. When you don’t have time to spend all morning in bed, use these tips and tricks to help you get the most rest while staying at an Airbnb or hotel.

The key to good sleep in new places is to try to stay consistent with your normal routine. It may be difficult to keep the same routine in an unfamiliar setting, however going to bed around the same time as usual will help your body stay asleep for the duration of the night.

Outside of bed times, pillows are the biggest area of concern when staying at an Airbnb or hotel. The thought of literally sharing a “place to lay your head” with people you’ve never met, is an uneasy thought for some. If you do not mind sharing a pillow, be aware that the density of the provided pillow may be a problem. Hotel and Airbnb pillows will definitely have a different feel than your comforting pillow at home. A quick and easy solution is to bring your own reliable pillow such as your Classic Down Pillow. Down pillows are a lightweight choice, easily fit into your luggage and will plump right back up upon arrival.

While on the topic of uneasiness, unfamiliar smells are sometimes hard to avoid when staying in a new place. Smells from a new room or pillow, can be a distraction from getting the peaceful sleep you need. Bringing your own pillow will solve this issue, but if you do not have space for your own pillow, there are still a few options to overcome those unacquainted smells. It is best to keep your pillow smelling similar to what you are used to at home. Packing an extra pillow case, washed with the same detergent you use at home is one solution. You can also pack a small bottle of your favorite sent to help mask the other scents in the room. Lotions that you packed can be applied before bed for refreshing sleep and softer skin. The lavender scent has a reputation for being a sleep aid. A dab of lavender lotion or oil just below your nose will help send you into a dreamland.

You may have control of the smells in the room, but you may not have control of the thermostat. To prepare for this, pack sleepwear that is lightweight just in case the room is too warm. On the contrary, rooms that are too chilly will also keep you shivering through the night. You can layer more clothes to keep you warm, though too many layers can be uncomfortable for sleeping. Instead pack an extra blanket such as our Classic Ultra Light Down Blanket. For easy traveling fold the blanket into your pillowcase to keep all your bedding tightly packed together.

Of course, unwanted lights and unexpected noises will also keep you tossing and turning at night. Be prepared for these factors by packing small earplugs and an eye mask. If you struggle with the feeling of earplugs while sleeping, try playing white nose from your electronic device to help drown out other noises, just make sure the light from your device is off.

There are many factors that play into not getting a good night’s sleep, especially in unfamiliar places. With these sleeping tips and tricks, you will be well rested and ready for the day, no matter where you call it a night.

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