Countless studies, such as one posted by the US National Library of Medicine, state that more than half of the college student population believe that daytime sleepiness leads to poorer grades. There are several connections as to why lack of sleep impacts grades, but ultimately inadequate amounts of sleep are holding most college students back from reaching their full potential. With the pressures of studying, attending class and additional responsibilities, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to achieving your best daily performance. There are several ways to combat the lack of sleep and spend your days reaching your full student potential.

Check Your Consumption

Consuming certain foods before bed can interfere with sleeping through the night. Foods with a high sugar content will make falling asleep difficult. While, consuming alcohol right before wanting to sleep can have the same affects as sugar. A small, late-night snack may help you fall asleep but try to avoid eating too much right before going to sleep.

Caffeine intake will do its job and help keep you awake, which is great to finish that assignment but not helpful for eventually sleeping. Instead of sipping on coffee, switch it out for an herbal tea. Herbal tea, such as peppermint tea, will help keep you awake, but the missing caffeine content will make it easy to slip into a peaceful sleep.

Stage the Room for Sleep

Keeping the temperature in your room cool will help keep you asleep throughout the night. Use a lightweight comforter like the United Feather & Down’s Legacy Comforter to stay at a comfortable temperature in a cooler room.

Dim the Lights

About an hour before planning to sleep, dim the lights in your room. Most dorm rooms are not equipped with adjustable lighting. However, adding a lamp to your room and turning out the primary lights will give your room a dimmed effect. To enhance the lighting even more, put a red lamp shade over the light or choose to red light bulb. Red light aids your body in the relaxation process which will prepare you more for sleep.

Nix the Tech

Avoid using any technology at least 30 minutes before your desired sleep time. The blue tented lights from your electronic devices register to the neurotransmitters and sleep hormone in your body that it is still daylight. If you absolutely must stay up to finish an assignment, make sure to use a blue light filter on your device. The blue light filter will turn your screen red, creating the same calming effect as using a red light in your room.


Deep cleaning can be reenergizing before bed and decluttering can make your space feel more peaceful. After dimming your lights and putting away your technology, continue by placing other items such as clothes and clutter in their rightful spots. If your textbooks are in your eyesight, put them away in a drawer, shelf or under the bed. Those textbooks have a way of guilting you into opening them for a late-night study session but try to save the extra studying for the morning. Reading material that causes the brain to work and remember new concepts can interfere with falling to sleep. Instead grab a book that will require minimal concentration and cause you to feel tired after a few pages. This task only takes a few minutes but can lead to hours more of sleep.

Have a Routine

Having a nightly routine will help you unwind from the day, as well as prevent any late-night technology use. Yoga, reading, meditation and general stretching are great practices to do each night to unwind from the day. Avoid strenuous exercise that might energize you and wake you up. By dimming the lights, picking up a few stray items to clean the space and going through a yoga sequence, you will be setting yourself up for an excellent night of sleep. While doing your nightly stretches, if you find you need a little extra cushion from the floor, a Classic Gusset Down Pillow is the perfect tool to provide a comfortable location under your knees or elbows.

Use Lavender

Lavender oil is commonly used as a calming agent, which supports a soothing night of sleep. If your dorm room does not allow lavender candles, try a diffuser. Diffusers use a couple drops of lavender oil to release the smell into the air. You can also apply a drop of lavender oil on your collar bone for aromatherapy bliss all night long.


Whether it is the roommate that keeps the light on or the neighbor that is too loud, accessories can help. Use an eye mask for blocking out the unwanted lights. There are many eye masks to choose from. Lavender infused, or weighted eye masks will increase the relaxation of your sleep while providing a “lights out” illusion. If noise is a problem, use small earplugs to block out the noise. If you cannot stand the feel of earplugs while you sleep, ear mufflers will also work.

Catch Those Z’s

Achieving adequate sleep is not as difficult as you may think. With some preparation, a great nightly routine, and the proper sleeping supplies, you will sail off to dreamland in no time. Overcome the pressures of college life and learn to thrive by starting with a full night’s sleep.

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