Heartburn, sinus issues, vertigo, breathing problems, sleep deprivation and all the consequences that come from lack of sleep could be solved with the proper pillow (according to a study by Harvard Health ). Choosing the right pillow comes with many added benefits and welcoming comforts. Actually finding the perfect pillow however, is a much more difficult task for many people. This process often ends in simply compromising with a nice cushion for your head, while still dreaming of a pillow that custom fits your needs. By knowing exactly what to look for in a pillow, we can help this process along. In this article we will walk you through different pillow materials and other characteristics, as a guide to selecting the perfect pillow.


No matter the materials used, it is recommended to replace your pillow about every 18 months to two years. Some materials will last longer than others, such as memory foam. The quality of the pillow will of course also play into its lifespan. A test to see if your pillow needs to be retired, is the “arm drape test.” This test is as simple as its name. If you place your pillow over your arm and it hangs there drooping like a towel, then that is a good sign it will no longer support your heard and neck. Ultimately, it is better to invest in a pillow that will benefit you by offering better quality of sleep and durability.

The most common types of pillow material or filling are down, memory foam, polyester and cotton. While your material choice may change based on comfort and personal preference, we suggest goose down for its many universal benefits and outstanding quality. Sure, you can find memory foam pillows which will be durable and supportive, but these often undergo chemical treatments that many do not want to be placing their heads on. Cotton is a more natural choice, but cotton filling will often go flat sooner than down, leaving us with floppy and unsupportive pillows. Cotton filling is also more welcoming to dust mites.

Goose down is a great pillow choice due to its comfort, durability, softness and offered support. For those that prefer non-goose down options, down alternative pillows, made with a soft polyester filling can be a great substitute. Down alternative products simulate the feel of a down pillow while being a more economical option for some.


A crucial aspect of your pillow is it’s firmness. Now firmness is different that thickness. It is a common mistake to grab an XL pillow and expect for it to offer XL support. However, such thinking will soon become deflated as your head sinks into the pillow and nearly suffocates you (speaking from personal experience).

Instead a little research on the different types of materials will prove to supply you with a firmness fit to your preference and needs. We’ve done that research for you and display our pillows the firmness levels for each pillow we sell. Now you just need to decide on which one is best for your neck.

Begin by reflecting on your usual sleep position. If you are a side sleeper, your neck requires more support to keep it elevated and in a relatively straight position. A supported neck will create a more natural and healthier spine position for a restful night’s sleep. Gusset pillows offer more support for those side sleepers.

Back and stomach sleepers on the other hand (or should we say on the other side?) will have a sore neck if they use a pillow that is too firm. This is because their neck will be pushed forward all night, placing it in an unnatural position. A firm, but flatter pillow will provide back and stomach sleepers with the  support for an aligned neck and peaceful sleep.

Sleep Satisfied

Mattresses get a lot of attention and choosing one can be as difficult or simple as you like, but in the end your sleep is often the direct result of your bedding choices. The same goes for pillows. While mattresses support your bodies curves and angles, pillows support your head and neck, placing them in a position to achieve a comfortable spine placement. Taking the time to choose a pillow that fits your needs and personal preferences is worth the time.

Leave the daydreams about pillows behind and find one that will allow you to sleep satisfied. With your new and improved pillow, you may experience better breathing and circulation, deeper sleep and day full of more energy.

Pillows for the perfect sleep

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