The dead of winter is coming, and for once, we are not talking about Game of Thrones. We don’t need to tell you that this is the time of the year associated with cold, snowy mornings, cold, icy roads, cold and oh yeah, cold. Did we mention the cold yet? For many, this is all they have to look forward to for the next few months. It is for that reason that many dread this season and it’s impending chill. So, what’s the solution to this chilly problem? How about we let the cat out of the bag.?

The best way to conquer the winter cold is to choose your bedding wisely. The warmest and most durable choice is down bedding. Down is not only incredibly warm, it is also light and manageable while having the added advantage of being fluffy and getting the job done. Shopping the best down bedding for your winter needs isn’t overly difficult, however, you still need to put some thought into it. Before you make that oh so important bedding choice, you might want to take into account the following:

Warmth Level

A diverse range of comforters might look the same, but they vary the inside. That is why you should consider the warmth level of the bedding you would be getting for the best effects.

There are basically four (4) warmth levels to consider.

  • Warmth Level 1: Gives the impression of using one or two blankets while staying lightweight. Can be used from fall through winter
  • Warmth Level 2: Steps things up to provide the warmth of two to three blankets, still without the added bulk.
  • Warmth Level 3: Best used in cold bedrooms in the winter
  • Warmth Level 4: Also great for cold sleepers in cold climates/ normal sleepers in cold bedrooms.

Style of Fabric

There are different fabric styles for you to choose from too. The common fabric styles are:

  • Cambric: Supplies the basic weave at an excellent price
  • Sateen: Brings the lush, soft feel
  • Damask: Great value for the money
  • Batiste: Lightweight and durable


Do you sleep on the bed alone? Do you share the same bed with your spouse? Is there a chance your kid(s) crawls into the bed in the middle of the cold night? All of these should inform your choice of down bedding size.

The standard sizes are usually:

  • Down Throw: 60 x 70”
  • Twin: 68 x 86”
  • Full: 81 x 86”
  • Queen: 88 x 96”
  • King: 107 x 96”

Winter might be coming, but with the right down bedding, you can buckle down and ride out the cold months in comfort.

Perfect Bedding For The Winter

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