The summer season signals the onset of outdoor fun, enjoying the long summertime days and family vacations. With a break from school schedules, there is ample opportunity for relaxing and making new family memories.

Many of us savor those weeks of not worrying about tight schedules filled with school, sports and homework. Summer is the ideal time to change things up a bit. Oftentimes however, parents find themselves losing sleep during the summer months, with kids home all day and hyper from their newfound freedom.

Without some sort of sleep ritual in place, this can make you awaken to the new day feeling unrested and irritable. This happens when the body’s natural circadian rhythm or biological clock is imbalanced, which effects bodily functions and hormones.

The easiest way to circumvent this is to continue the sleep schedule as much as possible year round. It is certainly common for those energetic youngsters, so dear to our hearts, to want to stay up later with the extended daylight hours. Remember that not all schedules and routines should fall by the wayside, especially when it comes to sleep.

Maintaining bedtime routines and schedules as much as possible will help ensure your entire family enjoys the summer as well as quality sleep. Keep reading and find out how you can ensure that you don’t lose out on quality sleep, even when the kids are home.

#1 Maintain A Normal Bedtime: Having a nightly bedtime routine can actually help prepare us both physically and mentally for a good night’s sleep. For example, a habit of reading to your kids before bedtime will signal the body that bedtime is approaching.

As you develop a routine, set clear limits of what activities are and are not allowed in the hours leading up bedtime. Whether it’s getting in pajamas and cuddling up for a bedtime story together or enjoying a calm conversation after being tucked in. By creating a bedtime ritual, everyone will find the transition soothing.

Regardless if kids are on summer vacation or not, most parents must continue their work schedules as usual throughout the summer. Being firm about the kid’s bedtime will protect parents sleep schedules as well as create quiet time for the adults.

#2 Create a Relaxed Bedroom Setting: Darker, cooler bedrooms have been shown to promote a better night’s sleep. By using curtains that darken the room, the longer daylight hours won’t prevent kids from wanting to go to bed. If outside noises are an issue, use a fan or white noise machine to camouflage the disruptive sounds.

#3 Wear Your Kids Out: Take advantage of the warm weather and summer evenings by enjoying family time outdoors. After dinner, play games in the backyard and burn off energy so once bedtime rolls around, the kids will be ready for bed and everyone will enjoy the satisfaction of quality family time.

Keep in mind that adrenaline-pumping activities should end a couple of hours before bedtime, so the kids won’t be so wound up. Additionally, electronic device usage should cease at least thirty minutes prior to bedtime as well. The lighting of electronics can hinder the production of melatonin, so turn off the screens and keep them out of the bedroom completely until morning.

By implementing these simple tips into your summer routine and throughout the year, everyone will enjoy a restful night’s sleep and take comfort in the nightly routines.

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