There’s just something about springtime that motivates us to welcome the freshness into our homes. As flowers bloom and gentle breezes flow, we invite the warmth and renewal of the flourishing outdoors in various ways—including spring cleaning, opening the windows, and changing out bedding from the layered cozy blankets of winter to lightweight items. Better yet, add a touch of vibrant colors.

So, as the spring season brings about changes outdoors, let’s see it as an opportunity to reflect those cheery changes inside our homes, especially when it comes to your bedding. Following are some suggestions that can help you accomplish this.

Consider replacing your bedding with something more breathable.

Everyone knows that just like a comfortable mattress, quality bedding also plays an important role in a good night’s sleep. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed heavy blankets and flannel sheets during the cold winter months, but now is the perfect time to switch those out.

A lightweight down comforter will provide luxury while naturally regulating your body temperature for a quality night’s sleep. A spring/summer down alternative comforter is another great option that gives you the soft fluffy feel of down yet is easier to clean. The key is choosing a product made of moisture-wicking fabrics to help keep you comfortable as the temperatures rise.

Update your comforter with a duvet cover.

Duvets are a versatile way to give your comforter a fresh new look while. Available in a variety of styles and materials, a duvet cover can give your room a brand new look while adding an extra layer of protection and warmth.

On the other hand, if you’ve lived with a duvet cover all this time, it might be a good chance to opt for something fresh and minimal. By taking the duvet off that white comforter, your bedroom is instantly brightened, providing you with a clean, crisp all-white look.

Fluff up those old flat pillows.

What better place to lay down your head after a long spring day than on a soft new pillow? We offer an extensive line of pillows suited to any sleeping position and made for any size bed. To help keep them smelling, feeling, and looking their freshest, you should also consider picking up some washable pillow protectors.

By choosing some pillows and protectors made using exquisite materials, you’ll enjoy soft silkiness and durability so you can get that spring fresh feeling (and deep sleep) all year long!

Add a pop of color.

During the spring and summer months when nature is alive and thriving in full color, what better way to bring that into your bedroom than with a colorful pillowcase on your favorite pillow.

In addition to updating your bedding, consider changing the layout of your furniture for a refreshing change – or keep it simple by swapping items from other rooms. Whether you opt to use what you have or incorporate new items, these suggestions will provide you with a brand new look and feel for spring that you can carry with you from year to year.

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