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Bedtime Tips for a Better to Start to The School Year

The start of a new year of school is just around the corner and that means you want your kids to put their best foot forward. To help them, it’s important to recognize that those laid back days will soon be replaced with busy schedules and after-school activities. Of course, for most families, those relaxed days of summer vacation meant a lax sleeping schedule, so how do you get everyone back on

“Sleep & Weight Management” – Dr. James Maas

Sleep & Weight Management Also published in Complete Wellbeing Magazine By James B. Maas, Ph.D. and Rebecca S. Robbins Contributions by Rebecca G. Fortgang and Sharon R. Driscoll Practicing good sleep hygiene, including meeting your individual sleep need every night, is essential for maintaining your weight and a healthy life style. The quantity and quality of your sleep influence the hormonal activity that regulates your appetite. Sleep deprivation and poor sleep

“The Architecture of a Good Night’s Sleep” – Dr. James Maas

The Architecture of a Good Night’s Sleep By James B. Maas, Ph.D., Rebecca S. Robbins, and Sharon R. Driscoll Maas Presentations, LLC and Cornell University Given that we spend (or should spend) one-third of our lives sleeping, it's alarming how little we know about our down time. Does it surprise you that 40% of laypersons and physicians think the brain shuts down and takes a rest when we fall asleep? In

“Skin and Sleep” – Dr. James Maas

“The skin is the largest organ in the body. When your body is healthy it will manifest first by giving you a glowing, radiant complexion!” - Dermatologist Diane Berson Do you want vibrant, healthy, younger looking skin? We have the answer for you: sleep! Not getting enough sleep not only leaves us tired, irritable and unable to concentrate on our daily routine, but it also has major effects on our skin.

Rejuvenating Your Bedroom For Spring

There’s just something about springtime that motivates us to welcome the freshness into our homes. As flowers bloom and gentle breezes flow, we invite the warmth and renewal of the flourishing outdoors in various ways—including spring cleaning, opening the windows, and changing out bedding from the layered cozy blankets of winter to lightweight items. Better yet, add a touch of vibrant colors. So, as the spring season brings about changes outdoors,

“Sleep Deprivation And Your Immune System” – Dr. James Maas

BY JAMES MAASSleep deprivation can cause an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes), type 2 diabetes, influenza, obesity, dental problems, depression, cancer, early onset of Alzheimer’s disease, time to recover from sickness and will reduce longevity. Perhaps most important is lack of quality sleep or enough sleep has a major affect on your immune system.While you are sleeping your immune system releases proteins called cytokines. Specific cytokines need to

“Sleeping With Your Best Friend?” – Dr. James Maas

BY JAMES MAAS, BRIANNA C. BELL Healthy sleep is the most important thing you can do for your brain and body to maintain a healthy life. While nutrition and exercise are also key, sleep is the best predictor of lifespan. Proper sleep raises our body’s immunity against viral infection and protects against higher risks of cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes), Type II diabetes, obesity, cancer, early onset of Alzheimer’s disease,

“24 Surprising Myths About Sleep That Could Be Keeping You Awake” – Dr. James Maas

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be surprised at the number of misconceptions you held about sleep BY JAMES MAAS, DANIELLE J BOEHM 1. During sleep, your brain rests completely Most people think of sleep as a passive, dormant part of their daily lives. Wakefulness contains only a single brain wave. To be physically, psychologically, and emotionally at your best, you have to experience five different types of

18 Interesting Facts About Sleep

Here are some fun facts about the one activity, we spend one third of our lives doing. Our quality and amount of sleep directly effects the quality of our memory, so if you’re feeling absent minded, try to improve your sleep. Good sleep helps regulate your appetite. Through the production of the hormone leptin, sleep helps keep cravings at bay and helps know when you’re actually hungry. Lack of sleep lowers

Coronavirus Effects On Our Sleep Schedules

The world has been trudging through the coronavirus pandemic for over two years now. Having rearranged the way we live our lives to a more cautious norm; we've all been faced with a new set of challenges that we may not have been prepared for. People all over the world have felt the effect of the pandemic on every part of our lives, from higher general anxiety levels and lower levels

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