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18 Interesting Facts About Sleep

Here are some fun facts about the one activity, we spend one third of our lives doing. Our quality and amount of sleep directly effects the quality of our memory, so if you’re feeling absent minded, try to improve your sleep. Good sleep helps regulate your appetite. Through the production of the hormone leptin, sleep helps keep cravings at bay and helps know when you’re actually hungry. Lack of sleep lowers

Coronavirus Effects On Our Sleep Schedules

The world has been trudging through the coronavirus pandemic for over two years now. Having rearranged the way we live our lives to a more cautious norm; we've all been faced with a new set of challenges that we may not have been prepared for. People all over the world have felt the effect of the pandemic on every part of our lives, from higher general anxiety levels and lower levels

“Dr. Maas Comfort Gusset Pillow” – Dr. James Maas

One of the most important factors in a good night’s sleep lies right beneath your head: your pillow. At the end of the long day, there is nothing more inviting than a soft, plush bed accessorized with an array of sleep-inducing pillows. However, while you might think a pillow is only to provide you comfort, it actually affects many aspects of your overall health. A poorly constructed, or even outdated, pillow

“The Effects of Sleep on Skin” – Dr. James Maas

“Don’t wake me up! I’m getting my beauty sleep!” Turns out, this statement isn’t just a myth. While a bathroom counter might be covered in anti-aging skin products, the most important tool to maintain vibrant, youthful skin actually lies in the bedroom- sleep! One of the most obvious signs of sleep deprivation is found in your skin. Dark under eye circles, swollen eyes, paler skin, and a haggard appearance are hard

“Sleep and Athletics” – Dr. James Maas

A large component of sports and exercise is a highly active lifestyle. However, an equally as important element that balances out activity is rest. Proper sleep is what fuels a great workout, powers an individual through their game, and transforms a good athlete into a great one. Sleep is heavily linked to muscle recovery due to the production of human growth hormone (HGH) during certain REM cycles. Excellent “muscle memory” is

“Daytime Do’s for Successful Sleep!” – Dr. James Maas

In the fast-paced, high energy world that we live in today, sleep is not viewed as a priority, or in some cases, it is disregarded all together. But what most people fail to realize is that proper sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. Between busy schedules and difficulty falling and staying asleep, solid rest feels like a lost cause. However, the actions that we take during the day can prepare us for the

“Identifying and Meeting Your Sleep Requirement” – Dr. James Maas

Imagine the possibility of completely changing your physical, mental, and emotional health in as little as one week, positively affecting how you function overall throughout the day. It would be a clear no brainer to jump at the opportunity! The secret to this life of ease is a well-balanced sleep schedule. Yet so many do not prioritize proper rest in their lives. Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury! If you are serious

“The Impact of a Proper Pillow on Overall Health” – Dr. James Maas

While the obvious function of a pillow is to provide proper relief and relaxation to the sleeper as he or she rests, it also serves as an aide in many other aspects of their overall health. A pillow that offers the perfect balance of cushion and support ultimately promotes correct spine alignment, improving the quality and soundness of sleep. Adequate sleep has been proven time and time again to be one of the largest factors in

How To Keep Your Kids Safe and Healthy During Back-to-School Season

The back-to-school season is always a stressful time for families, but 2020 has presented some very unique challenges. With the current focus on social distancing, hygiene and isolation, navigating our “new normal” is especially hard for kids and parents. If you have kids going back to school this season, follow these tips to keep your sanity -- and sanitation -- in order. #1 Be a Role Model As a parent, you

Improving Your Sleep During The COVID-19 Crisis

There is no denying that COVID-19 has impacted our lives to varying degrees. From the disruption of daily routines to enduring new and different challenges, the upheaval inevitably causes stress and affects sleep quality. The body and mind relies on quality sleep in order to stay healthy and happy, but when we undergo multiple changes simultaneously, as with COVID-19, getting good sleep can prove difficult. Below are 8 tips that can

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