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How to Work from Home with the COVID-19 Crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic closing all non-essential businesses and moving everyone indoors, people are spending more time at home than ever before. For many people, home has taken on a new role in life, with living room corners and dining room tables being adapted to accommodate the new remote workforce. Even if you have worked from home in the past, this new and sudden change due to the Coronavirus may feel

4 Ways to Avoid Sleep Disruption During the Holidays

Most everyone looks forward to the year-end holidays and the excitement that it brings. Along with the festivities however, come the challenges of finding the time to do everything on your list.  Between frantically shopping, preparing for the long awaited gatherings with family, attending the company party and squeezing in late night celebrations with friends, sleep deprivation during the holidays is something that many of us battle with. Not only do

Debunking 4 Common Sleep Myths

Are you getting enough sleep? We all know that not getting enough good quality sleep can lead to more than just grogginess and irritability. Repeated nights of poor sleep can drain you of energy, harm your productivity and even hinder your focus and clarity of mind. In time, long-term sleeping troubles can even increase your risk of many diseases.What’s so unfortunate is that many people are misinformed about the amount of sleep

What Happens to Your Memories While You Sleep?

We know that sleep plays an important role in health, overall mood and the ability to function mentally and physically. Sleep, however, is also necessary for optimal memory retention. While you’re sleeping, your brain is busily organizing the experiences and information of the day. Continue reading to find out how your brain processes memories while you sleep. According to sleep experts, Dr. Robert Stickgold at Harvard Medical School and Dr. Matthew

Summer Sleep vs. Winter Sleep

It is interesting how the changes in seasons can affect sleep and energy levels, especially in summer and winter. Some people experience more drastic changes than others depending on location. How the Seasons Impact Sleep The light and dark hours of a day play an important role in our natural sleep rhythms. The hormone known as melatonin helps the body relax and induce feelings of sleepiness. It is regulated by the

Summer Sleep Tips for Parents: Getting Enough Sleep When The Kids Are Out of School

The summer season signals the onset of outdoor fun, enjoying the long summertime days and family vacations. With a break from school schedules, there is ample opportunity for relaxing and making new family memories. Many of us savor those weeks of not worrying about tight schedules filled with school, sports and homework. Summer is the ideal time to change things up a bit. Oftentimes however, parents find themselves losing sleep during

Choosing A Down Comforter

It’s 6 a.m., the sun is rising, the birds are chirping, and the promise of a new day awaits you. But instead of feeling refreshed and ready for work, you’re groggy, irritated and have zero interest in dragging yourself out of bed. We can all agree that nobody likes a tired, grouchy person, who has had a terrible night’s sleep. Whether you work in an office, are a student, a stay

Spring Ahead: Daylight Saving Sleep Tips

5 Tips to Help Cope with Daylight Saving Time On Sunday, March 10th, it’s time again to push our clocks up an hour and to lose that oh so precious hour of sleep. That’s right, it’s almost time to once again Spring Forward for Daylight Saving. The term “spring forward” is used to describe a practice of changing standard time with the intention of “saving” (as in make better use of)

The Case For Cotton

Choosing your bedding fabric may not be the most glamorous task, however it’s an important one. The quality of your bedding can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. Since we spend a hefty chunk of our lifetime in bed, we may as well make the most of our time there by opting for fabric that is healthy for us and our environment. In the world of bedding

The Importance Of Sleep For Teens

Did you know that less than 9% of teens get enough sleep? It’s no wonder they trudge around like moody zombies! Jokes aside, lack of quality sleep among adolescents is a serious problem. Sleep is essential for regulating our moods, appetite and cognitive function. Because the teenage brain is not yet fully developed, teens are especially susceptible to the adverse effects of sleep deprivation. It is estimated that teenagers need between

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