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The Dr. Maas Collection

Dr. James Maas, the New York Times best selling author, is a leading authority and international consultant on sleep and performance. Healthy sleep has been proven to be the single most important factor to peak performance, productivity and in predicting longevity. Knowing how important quality sleep is to every aspect of one’s life, we have developed the Dr. Maas Collection to give you the ultimate night’s sleep.

All Dr. Maas Products

Dr. James Maas on the importance of meeting your sleep requirement.

Dr. James Maas  discusses the impact of sleep on students.

United Feather & Down is proud to bring to you our exquisite line of luxury Down and Down Alternative bedding products. Every United Feather & Down product offers unparalleled quality, superb comfort and impeccable style. Try our luxurious down and down alternative Blankets and Comforters to keep you warm all season long. Rest your head on any of our plush Pillows and enjoy a blissful nights sleep.

With 200 years of expertise, our mission has always been to produce the most coveted Down and Down Alternative bedding products. We pride ourselves in combining reputability, elegance and comfort into all of our luxury bedding products. Our industry expertise, devoted customer service and premium quality products ensure we deliver you and your family a superior sleep experience, every time.

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