Product Glossary


Here are some terms you will see throughout our website. This glossary will help familiarize yourself with our luxury bedding materials, construction and styling.

Cotton Cambric – A plain weave with a lustrous fabric. Durable and soft.

Comforter Constructions: We manufacture our products with constructions that ensure even distribution of fill and prevent shifting. Our bedding products are double needle stitched with more stitches per inch than other bedding product and we use the best quality of thread to ensure the durability of our products.

We offer a variety of construction designs to optimize the performance of our comforters and prevent shifting of fill.

  • End-To-End – Perpendicular, no-shift, end-to-end stitching forms rows of uniform boxes. This construction is used for comforters and blankets.
  • Baffle Box – Interior wall of fabric runs along-side the vertical stitching of the boxes to minimize shifting. This type of construction is used for comforters with high fill weights to maximize loft.

Double Stitched Edge – Found on the outer edge, double stitching allows for stronger seams and prevents the Down or Feather from escaping the product.

Down – A soft, fluffy, three-dimensional cluster found on geese and ducks under the breast feathers that keeps these birds warm in colder climates.

Down Blankets – All Seasons Comfort and Warmth

Feathers – Actual feathers from a goose or duck that have been graded to remove any large feather or quill.

Fill Power – Not all down is the same. Fill power is the measurement of how much space an ounce of down occupies. The more space the ounce of down occupies, the higher the fill power number and better the quality of down. Better quality down means more warmth with less weight, higher lofts and better support for healthier and more comfortable way to sleep.

Jacquard Weave – Jacquard weave features a raised pattern that is woven (instead of printed) onto a fabric by a jacquard loom. Designs are intricate and complex.

Modal – A type of viscose that when blended with cotton, the resulting fabric has a pleasing luster and better absorbency. Modal will wear extremely well and stays softer and brighter after repeated washing, than an all-cotton fabric would.

Piping – Sewn along the outside edge of a pillow or comforter, this rounded cording is functional and decorative, adding seam protection.

Pyoor Process – We’ve taken our 200 years of knowledge and created a new down cleaning process without odor, dust or harmful chemicals. “Down the way nature intended.”

Sateen – This cotton fabric has a soft silky feel with a lustrous satin weave. Ironing after washing will restore its luster.

Down Proof – Properly woven fabric is an art form. We select down-proof fabrics woven with the finest yarns, combed and meticulously finished to deliver the best hand in a fabric that will resist the down and feathers from seeping out. The fabric’s finish is what provides that feeling of luxuriousness and comfort that only quality woven fabric and fill lend to a sleep experience.

Thread Count – Thread count is the actual number of threads in one square inch of cloth found by adding the warp (vertical) thread count to the weft (horizontal) thread count.

Ticking – Ticking refers to the shell of a pillow, blanket or comforter.

Seasonal Comfort Ratings: Best for providing comfort during listed seasons.

Pillow Density Ratings: